Money Saving Tips: 24+ Ways To Save Money From Salary

Hello friends, if you are searching on the internet how to save money from salary and now you are very upset, even after trying a lot, you are not able to save money from your salary because your expenses are so big that you can not save money from your salary. We are not able to control the expenses, that is why we are creating this post for you, in this post we will tell you what are clever ways to save money and in this post, we will also tell you about 25 money saving tips. Read the post completely and take complete information because half and incomplete information are dangerous.

25 Ways to Save Money From Salary- 25 Money Saving Tips

We spend money on a lot of things in our daily lives. Spending $5 here and there

may not seem like a lot, but by the end of the month, it can really add up. Not

paying attention to how much you’re spending can lead to living beyond your

means. Here are some of the best ways to save money. I’ve included my best

estimate of how much money you could be saving, along with strategic


 How To Save Money From Salary – Everyday Spending

Biggest wasters of money food and alcohol
Biggest wasters of money food and alcohol


1 Disposable product: Not only do disposable products cost money, but they also hurt

the environment. Instead of using plastic cutlery, use metal cutlery. Skip the

paper napkins and go with reusable cloth napkins. Cloth dishrags are a good

alternative to pricey paper towels.

The money you could save: $100 per year.

2 Lottery tickets: You have a better chance of being struck by lightning than

winning the lottery (no, I’m not making this up). Instead of spending $5 a

week on a lottery ticket, consider putting that money toward your mortgage.

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The money you could save: $260 per year.

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3 Smartphone in-app purchases: Most apps these days are free, but that

doesn’t mean you don’t have to watch your spending here. The new trend is

in-app purchases. If you’re having trouble solving a crossword puzzle, the

app may offer you a hint that you pay for. To avoid the temptation, turn off

in-app purchases or add a passcode so you think twice before paying.

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The money you could save: $520 per year.

4 Fuel: Although the price at the pumps isn’t as high as it once was, it still

makes sense to plan out your driving trips ahead of time. GPS makes doing

this a lot easier. Plan out your errands so you’re not driving too far out of the

way because you forgot to pick up milk and bread. Research driving

techniques for fuel efficiency.

The money you could save: $500 per year.

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money saving tips, how to save money from salary, clever ways to save money

5 Taxis and Uber: Taking a taxi two or three blocks every day can really add

  1. When possible, take public transit, walk, or cycle. If you take a taxi, try to

split it with a group of friends. Uber (or a similar private-driver service) is a

great way to save money—just watch out for its surge pricing: try to avoid

using it during rush hour or in crowded places.

The money you could save: $1000 per year.

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6 Books, Blu-rays, digital movies, and TV: When’s the last time you read a

book or watched a movie more than once? Save yourself some money and use

the public library. Most libraries in big cities have an excellent selection of

books, e-books, movies, and TV shows. If you don’t have cable, nothing beats


The money you could save: $500 per year.

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clever money saving tips
clever money saving tips


7 Deal websites: Deal websites like Groupon are a great way to save money, as

long as you don’t become addicted. Avoid buying stuff you don’t need by

only visiting them when you plan to buy something. A further caution: only

visit reputable websites. Avoid those with cheap copies of branded goods,

expensive shipping costs to return items, and short deadlines for refunds.

The money you could save: $500 per year.

8 Cigarettes: For those of you who smoke, it’s a costly habit. In 2015, the

the average price of a carton of 200 cigarettes was $88.64 in Ontario and $104.96

in B.C.7 Butt out or cut back and save a bundle.

The money you could save:  $2,000 per year.Recurring Monthly Expenses

9 Gym memberships: I’m all for people going to the gym and getting in shape,

as long as they show up. But two-thirds of people with gym memberships

never step foot inside a gym.8 If you’re joining a gym for the first time,

consider hiring a personal trainer for the first couple of weeks to show you

the ropes. Once you get the hang of things, why not exercise with a buddy to

keep each other motivated? If your condo has a decent gym, you can skip the

gym membership fees altogether.

The money you could save: $700 per year.

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10 Premium cable packages: Do you really need 500-plus channels? Consider

downgrading to basic cable or cutting the cord altogether. Netflix and antennas are great cable alternatives.

The money you could save: $1,200 per year.

11 Utilities: Do you sometimes forget to turn down the heat when you’re leaving

your home? In a typical home, about 60% of energy costs are from heating

and cooling. Install a programmable thermostat, and in the wintertime set it so

the temperature automatically goes up before you wake up, goes down when

you leave home, and then goes up again when you arrive back home.

Reduce the temperature by four to five degrees at night and when you’re

away to save 15% on your heating bill.

The money you could save: $300 per year.

money saving tips, how to save money from salary, clever ways to save money

Food and Alcohol- money-saving tips

25 money saving tips
25 money-saving tips


12 Ready meals and prepared food: If you’re a foodie, it might be hard to

imagine giving up your favorite dishes. You don’t have to—you just have to

be willing to find thrifty alternatives. Instead of picking up ready-made dishes

like pasta, lasagna, and side dishes at the supermarket and paying top dollar,

consider taking cooking classes and learning to prepare them yourself, if you

don’t already know how. Weekdays can be hectic, so prepare your culinary masterpieces on weekends when you have more time.

The money you could save: $300 per year.

13 Bottled water: Bottled water is marketing at its finest. You’re paying for

something that’s available for free in most places. Some argue that bottled water

is higher quality than tap water, but usually it’s no better. Save your money

and stick to tap water and a Brita filter. Consider carrying a refillable water

bottle with you on outings. The money you could save: $300 per year.

14 Junk food: Junk food in moderation might be fine. But if you’re spending

$20 a week on pop, chips, and snacks, it’s probably time to cut back. Shop

with a grocery list to avoid impulse buys.

The money you could save: $1,040 per year.

15 Coffee: Frequent visits to Starbucks can set you back some serious change. If

you go to Starbucks twice a day every day, spending $10 on coffee each day,

that’s $70 per week or $280 per month. Consider cutting back your visits to

once a day and save $140 per month. Save yourself even more money and

brew your own coffee. Carry it in a Thermos if you’re traveling.

The money you could save: $1,825 per year.

money saving tips, how to save money from salary, clever ways to save money

16 Dining out: Try to save dining out for celebrations, client meetings, and

special occasions. When possible, cook at home. Buying lunch on occasion is

fine, but if you get into the habit of doing it every day, the spending can really

add up.

The money you could save: $2,600 per year.

17 Alcohol: There’s nothing wrong with joining your colleagues for drinks on a

Friday night, but buying a round of drinks every week can be costly. When

possible, enjoy a pre-drink at home before going to a bar—that may be one

less drink, at exorbitant bar prices, you’ll pay for while out.

The money you could save: $780 per year.

18 Concession stands: Tickets to concerts, movies, and sporting events are

expensive enough as they are. On top of that, we’re expected to pay

outrageous prices for food and drinks. At the Rogers Centre, home to the

Toronto Blue Jays, you’ll pay close to 10 bucks for a beer.9 Save yourself

some money by packing your own snack or dining out at an affordable

restaurant beforehand. Although you can’t bring your own beer into the

venue, you’ll save quite a bit by having that drink at home or limiting

yourself to one drink during the game.

The money you could save: $300 per year.

19 Convenience stores: We’re all busy. But try to plan ahead, to avoid last-

minute trips to the convenience store. Make a shopping list so you don’t have

to make a midnight run to 7-Eleven.
The money you could save: $500 per year.

Big Purchases- clever ways to save money

20 Designer fashion: Why pay full price for a Prada handbag or Gucci shoes

when you don’t have to? Consignment and thrift stores are a great place to

find brand-name fashion in good condition at discount prices.

The money you could save: $1,000 per year.

money saving tips, how to save money from salary, clever ways to save money

21 Smartphones: We sure love our smartphones. Some of us would feel naked

without them. But do you really need the latest iPhone when there’s nothing

wrong with your old one? Dropping $600-plus for a new iPhone every time a

new version comes out gets pricey. Consider buying second-hand from a

reputable retailer every couple of years and still enjoy the iPhone experience.

The money you could save: $1,000 per year.

22 Rush delivery: Unless you need something immediately (maybe you forget

your wedding anniversary), plan ahead and go with regular shipping. Rush

delivery can cost almost as much as the product itself.

The money you could save: $100 per year.Banking and Credit Cards

23 Credit card interest: Follow the golden rule of using credit cards wisely and

spend only what you can afford to pay off in full once your credit card

balance comes due, and you will never pay interest. Unfortunately, not

everyone follows this simple principle.

The money you could save: $1,000 per year.

24 Bank fees: Many of us are paying bank fees when we don’t have to. Switch

to low-and no-fee banking and save your money.

The money you could save: $240 per year.

money saving tips, how to save money from salary, clever ways to save money

25 Payday loans: Each year, millions of people pay triple-digit interest rates for

these short-term loans. (Interestingly, Facebook and Google have banned

payday loan ads from their sites.) Do yourself a favor and avoid them like

the plague. Have a rainy-day fund for surprise expenses.

The money you could save: $520 per year.

The total money you could save is $19,085 per year.

Still think spending $2 here and there isn’t a big deal? By being a smart shopper,

you can save a bundle and be that much closer to buying a home and paying it


money saving tips, how to save money from salary, clever ways to save money


What should I do to save money?
ways to save money

Budget for Savings: This is the easiest and best way to save money. In this, first of all, you have to decide how much money to spend on your income. Here you have to try that at least 10 to 15 percent of your income should be kept for savings. With this, you can also avoid spending more in the month.

How to manage money?

Money Management: How much can you save every month, know the action plan of the ‘Secret Formula’

  • The Secret Formula of Savings, Investment (50:30:20 Formula)
  • 1- Keep 50% of the total income as household expenses
  • 30% off on purchases
  • Keep 20% for long-term investment

How to reduce household expenses?
3 Method 3 of 4: Food and Beverage Expenses

  1. Instead, pack food from home and take it with you to work or to class.
  2. Instead of buying an expensive water bottle, use a bottle filled with water from your tap at home.
  3. Similarly, if you buy coffee from a cheap French press and drink coffee frequently, save money by making it at home.

What to do if you need money immediately?
What to do if you need money immediately

  1. We all worship our presiding deity according to our own calculations and rituals. When we worship the presiding deity. So rice is offered to them. ,
  2. If money doesn’t last long in your purse. So whenever you worship in your home. ,
  3. When your planets are not moving properly. So you face hurdles in getting a job.


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