Kalighat Maa Kali Temple (Timings, Direction, Distance & Secrets)

If you are searching for Kalighat Maa Kali Temple on Google, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have told all our experiences of Kalighat Maa Kali Temple like kalighat direction and kalighat distance, and kalighat temple timings. we went to visit Kolkata maa kali Kalighat Temple and what happened with us there, and how is that place and kalighat ganga, what is there at that place and Kalighat temple history, what is the secret of that place, after knowing all this we have written this blog post for you, please read this post thoroughly in order to get correct knowledge. Because I am a citizen of kolkata. 

Kalighat Maa Kaali Temple Reviews & Secrets (History)

kalighat maa kali

Kalighat Shaktipeeth or Kalighat Kali Mandir is a temple of Goddess Kali in Kolkata. It is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths of India. The idol situated in this Shaktipeeth was consecrated by Kamadeva Brahmachari (pre-sanyasa name ‘Jiya Gangopadhyay’).

This temple is the biggest temple for Kali devotees. The idol of the fierce form of Goddess Kali is installed in this temple. In this idol, Goddess Kali is placed on the chest of Lord Shiva. He has a garland of Narmunds around his neck, an ax in his hand, and some Narmunds, some Narmunds are tied around the waist too. His Jiwa (tongue) is protruding and some drops of blood are also dripping from the tongue. The tongue in the statue is made of gold.

According to some legends, the goddess got angry over something. After that, he started massacre. Whoever came in his way would be killed. To pacify his anger, Lord Shiva lay down on his path. Devi angrily put her feet on his chest, at the same time she recognized Lord Shiva and he again stopped the massacre.

According to mythology, wherever the parts of Sati’s body fell, it became a Shaktipeeth. Hinglaj due to the fall of Brahma Randhra, Shakambhari Devi, Vindhyavasini, Purnagiri, Jwalamukhi, Mahakali, etc. became Shaktipeeths due to falling of head. Some toes of Mother Sati’s right foot had fallen at this place.

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How to reach Kalighat Maa Kali Temple

kalighat maa kali temple in kolkata

So to go to Kalighat, you have to follow some of my instructions to visit there, you should keep something in mind. So, if you are a foreigner, then first you come to India after getting a visa, after coming to India, wherever you are in India. From there you have to come to Kolkata with the help of a train, bus, or airplane. After coming to Kolkata, either you can catch a bus from there, You can ask people in Kolkata which number bus goes to Kalighat either you can catch an autorickshaw or you can book a cab or car also. When you reach Kalighat, you will get a gate as seen in the picture, you have to go inside that gate, This is the main gate of Kalighat, from here Kalighat is entered.


Kalighat temple gate

After going inside Kalighat, you will find many shops, maybe you have never seen those types of shops before if you are a non-resident Indian. The Kali temple of Kalighat is at a short distance from the kalighat door and in the middle of that all these shops are situated, here there are some food shops and some different types of goods shops.

Kalighat sindoor shopKalighat goods, bangals, bengali shop

Kalighat Maa kali Glass idols

If you want to eat food here, then I do not allow you to eat here, because the food here is a bit dirty, kalighat chefs cook food here in a dirty way and the food here is also very expensive. That is why I advise you to take food from outside kalighat, either you bring food from your home, here please do not buy food, the food here is a bit dirty and it is also very expensive. You will get the same food for ₹ 100 or $1.05, it will be available outside for ₹ 20, or $0.20. So, please do not eat food here, bring food from your home or outside kalighat.

Kalighat gods picture frame shop

So you go straight to the temple from here, you don’t buy anything on the way, if you want, you can buy something from the shops that sell the goods on the way, after doing all this you go straight to the temple. Don’t be deceived by any man or beggar on the way. Some men, women, or beggars will try to seduce you but you don’t listen to them.

Experience of Kalighat Maa Kali Temple

kalighat temple sweet and prashad shops    kalighat maa kali temple puja basket

So, after reaching the temple, you will find many shops, You will get flower garlands, prasad, bangles for Maa Kali, and all other worship materials in those shops. we call sweets as Prasad in the Indian language, which is offered to Maa Kali in the temple, if you want, you can buy those things from them and go to the temple and offer prasad and flower garlands to Maa Kali. Before going to the temple, you open the shoes in the shop itself, tell the shopkeeper that you are leaving the shoes here, and please wash your hand from Gangajal, ask the shopkeeper for Gangajal in order to wash your hands, and that shopkeeper will give you Gangajal absolutely free. And after giving worship, and donations in the temple, do not forget to take the shoes back to the same shop.

Inside The Kalighat Maa Kali Temple

kalighat maa kali temple inside kalighat inside temple

Before going to the temple, you have to make a line in the temple, making a line does not mean making a line by hand, making a line means if you are a lot of people, then you have to make a line because there may be a lot of crowd in the temple or maybe even though there is no crowd, many people come there to worship and there is a little crowd, that is why many long iron pipes have been installed in the temple to maintain the line. So, that the crowd can be maintained. you have to follow the same pipe to go inside the temple.

After going inside the temple, you should give the material of worship to the pandit and he will immediately return you the material of worship by offering flowers, garlands, and offerings to all Kali Maa, will return you the basket, and you can see Maa Kali from outside only. If you want to see Maa Kali closely, then you give ₹ 100 to the pandit, he will allow you to see Maa Kali from inside, you can see Maa Kali from nearby.

Many people make a vow inside the temple and those whose wishes are fulfilled, offer goat sacrifices or offer some worship here, there is a very smelly room next to the temple where goats are slaughtered. This is done so that if you have made a vow here that any of my work will be completed, then that person asks for a sacrifice after the completion of the work and that is why this sacrifice is offered here.

I could not take the picture of that room from the inside. Because taking photos inside of that room is not allowed but I have definitely been able to take it from the outside, you can see it in the photo below.


There is also a puddle in Kalighat where you can take a bath, but I will not allow you to take a bath because the water here is so dirty that you may get skin disease or some other disease after taking a bath. Maybe because the water here is very dirty but if you are a true devotee of God now then you can take a bath here, I will not refuse you but from my point of view I am telling you what is good for you. It is also very famous for photography, you can take photos here and you can also do shooting here.

After doing all these things you can go back home or go back to where you live.  you have to give back the puja basket to the shopkeeper and wear your shoes and slippers and go back from there. you can catch the bus you ask other people where this bus goes or when will the bus come to your place either you can book a car from there or book a cab and go to your home.


So, the conclusion of this post is that you should go to Kalighat carefully and do not fall under the guise of any man, woman, or beggar there and you should not eat food there because the food there is a bit dirty and before going to the temple Take off the shoes and give them to the shopkeeper from where you will buy the goods of worship and do not forget to take your shoes and slippers while coming back if you want to buy something you want from there, then you can buy it, there is no fraud in it.

FAQ- (Frequently Asked Question & Answers)


What is the name of Kalighat Maa Kali?

Kalighat was a Ghat (landing stage) sacred to Kali on the old course (Adi Ganga) of the Hooghly river (Bhāgirathi) in the city of Kolkata. The name Kolkata is said to have been derived from the word Kalikata devi of Kalighat Temple.

Is Kalighat Kali Temple open today?

Regarded as one of the holiest of the 51 Shakti Peeths on Earth, the Kalighat Kali Temple is a must visit place in Kolkata due to its history and legend.

Who controls Kalighat temple?

The present temple is only around 200 years old and was completed in 1809 under the patronage Sabarna Roy Chowdhury family. However, Halder family of Kolkata claims to be the owner of the temple property.

What fell in Kalighat?

It is believed that the four TOES from right leg of Sati fell here at KALIGHAT. However, some Puranas also mention that the MUKHA KHANDA or the FACE of the Goddess fell here, got fossilized, and is stored and worshipped here.

Is Mobile allowed in Kalighat temple?

the temple premises is very big not permitted to take mobile, purse in Mandir. for the safety of your valuable things there are locker system available.

What is the meaning of Kalighat?

Kalighat is a locality of Kolkata, in Kolkata district, West Bengal, India. One of the oldest neighbourhoods in South Kolkata, Kalighat is also densely populated — with a history of cultural intermingling with the various foreign incursions into the area over time.

What time does Kalighat open?

The temple is located in South Kolkata. Buses and trams are easily available from all parts of Kolkata to Kalighat. Nearest Metro Stations: Jatin Das Park (Northern Exit) and Kalighat (Southern Exit). Opening Hours of the temple: 5.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. to 10.30 p.m

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